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Essential oils are pure extracts of plants, flowers and fruits. They are the purest essence and can be used for different techniques like aromatherapy: aroma and treatments in the bath water in hot tubs mixed with body and facial creams in a maximum of 5% of the content, to scent our home burners, is used to clean and purify the atmosphere of negativity.


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Natural Essences 30 Ml Honeysuckle

Especially recommended for use in burners and diffusers of aromatherapy essences. Honeysuckle aroma properties: Strengthens memory, relieves headaches and asthmatic processes.

Mode of use: Pour few drops of essence on the top of the burner. If you want the aroma is milder and takes longer to spread around the room, mix the drops with a little water. Turn the burner candle and place it in a safe place. If you use electric diffusers or nebulizers, always follow the manufacturer's instructions.


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