Legal Notice

As the LSSI indicates, in order to guarantee the transparency and trust of our users, we include, in a permanent, easy, direct and free way, the following information:

General information (article 10 of Law 34/2002)

a.1) The ownership of this website corresponds to:


a.2) The contact details of the on-line sales page


Phone: +34 622 32 11 13

WhatsApp.: +34 622 32 11 13


b) Nature of ownership, management and business activity:

Como particular

e) Tax Identification Number

TAX ID: 72463547T

f) Price and transport policy

  • The prices shown on the different summary pages, or information, include VAT.
  • The invoice shows the prices of each item without VAT, and in the summary of totals appears the amount corresponding to the taxes.
  • The cost of transport may vary depending on quantity, weight and destination.
  • During the purchase process, the amount to be paid associated with the transport will appear, provided that the user is logged in, as the destination address configured by the user is taken into account.
  • The invoice shows the cost of transport without VAT, and an indication of how much VAT this concept amounts to.
  • Detailed information in the links

Additional information associated with the on-line sales activity

Prior to the purchase process (article 27 of Law 34/2002)

1. Proceedings to make the purchase

  • Before confirming the purchase, the customer will have had to create a user account at
  • If you do not have a registered user, during the purchase process you will be asked for information to create that user.
  • Any data entered by the customer will be his own responsibility, so if there are errors in such information, delays and additional costs that arise as a necessity to deliver the purchase at destination, will be paid by the customer.
  • The customer will be informed of any possible additional costs, and only if he agrees to continue with the delivery process.
  • All the information provided by the transport company in charge of the delivery will be taken for granted, so if there have been problems derived from the non participation of the client in the reception of the product, the order may be cancelled unilaterally by, proceeding to the return of the total amount paid by the client, with the exception of the cost of transport.

2. Use of purchase information

  • Information about abandoned carts is stored with the intention of making it easier for the user to pick up where he left off.
  • Information is stored for all carts that are part of formalized orders.
  • Information is stored on all orders for financial reasons.
  • If a user unsubscribes as a customer, all associated records will be deleted as long as he or she has not placed an order. In this case, the information associated with the purchase will remain stored.

3. Correction of user data/orders

  • The website facilitates methods of correcting the information entered by customers
  • In case you want to correct information of an already formalized order, and that can affect the delivery of the order, the client will have to inform from the contact form, or sending an email to

4. Language of the page, and language used in the proceedings

  • The site is presented in the following languages: Spanish, English, German, Portuguese, Italian and French.
  • Much of the content, which is available in languages other than Spanish, is translated by free online tools, so please apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
  • In order to speak by telephone it is preferable to speak in Spanish, for what it is advised that in case of speaking another of the indicated languages, an e-mail is sent in the language that is wished. Once received it will be translated and answered in the same language, or if necessary in English.

5. General terms and conditions

  • Open products cannot be returned
  • It is not possible to change products once they have been shipped.
  • It is possible to proceed to the return without any cost, once made the delivery of the order, as long as it is demonstrated that there have not been problems derived from a bad use of the articles bought. The total amount paid will be reimbursed as soon as it is verified that everything is correct.
  • The total price of the order will be maintained as long as there are no additional costs arising from errors caused by the customer and have not been informed before shipping it, regardless of whether it has already been delivered or not.
  • The delivery time is normally 3 working days.
  • Depending on the destination, procedures, mode of payment, and holiday periods that may affect factories or carriers, the delivery time may be extended, in some cases, around 15 days.
  • The customer will have available in the customer area all invoices associated with orders placed since the registration of the user used.
  • If after the formalization of the order, the client has some doubt, it can be put in contact by means of the e-mail

After the purchase (Article 28 of Law 34/2002)

  • Once the purchase or order is formalized, an e-mail with all the information will be sent to the client.
  • The client can modify or cancel the order as long as it has not been sent.
  • Changes or cancellations must be reported by sending an e-mail to
  • The customer will be responsible for ensuring that the email address, used during the user's registration, is correct. In case of not being valid the client will not receive confirmation of the purchase.
  • The customer may not receive confirmation if the mail server where his e-mail is hosted does not work properly.